"mentorship Experience"

This large-scale eVENT will officially introduce the L.A.B. mentorship Experience on Saturday, May 5, 2018. 

This Experience will be aimed at illuminating many problems facing Detroit’s young men, while focusing on Leadership, Attitude & Brotherhood. Following illumination, we will motivate young people through success stories told by robby emery, Kevin Irwin ii and our founders, Moe ways & Trent Shelby.

Our goal is to develop a process of creating "New", that will motivate and empower young men to achieve their goals and unite as Brothers, instilling a long-term and life-changing foundation for success.  

this experience is for Everyone, all ages!!! This will be a Life changing Experience that you do not want to miss! 



saturday, May 5, 2018

What time?



30355 Annapolis Avenue

48186 Westland, MI